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NovaCutis is an experienced medical device manufacturer and supplier of hyaluronic acid dermal filler (HA Filler) and Mesotherapy products in Germany and USA. For more than 10 years, NovaCutis has been developing and producing unique formulations that entirely meet and even exceed the requirements of our physicians and patients. Highest quality, product safety and customer satisfaction are NovaCutis’ top priorities.

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novacutis dermal filler manufacturer

Liquidimplant® Cutis

Liquidimplant® Cutis is intended for the treatment of lower-grade volume and contour loss, as typically found in the area of the nasolabial folds, eyebrows and infra- or supraorbital region of the face.

Liquidimplant® SubCutis

Liquidimplant® SubCutis is intended for the treatment of higher-grade volume and/or contour loss and can be used to achieve augmentation and/or contouring of the cheek, jaw and chin region.

Liquidimplant® Labium

Liquidimplant® Labium is intended for use in more delicate regions of the face, such as the perioral region, including the lips.

Fluidimplant® Kiss

Areas like the human lips require a high-quality hyaluronic acid Filler in order to guarantee long lasting lip augmentation results. Due to its high elasticity, Fluidimplant® Kiss is nevertheless easy to inject and can be easily molded directly after injection. And due to its high viscosity, the result lasts longer.

Fluid Implant® Contour

Due to its formulation and specific particularization technique, Fluid Implant® Contour is easy to inject in the dermis, in order to fill nasolabial folds, make nose corrections, any kind of facial contouring and voluminization.


Hyaluronic acid supplier germany


MESO® Bellamine

MESO® Bellamine Complex in the combination of MESO® Pure Hyaluronic Acid in addition to a compound of different Amino Acids and Anti Oxidants, which makes this product a unique and efficient complex for superficial treatments.


MESO® Pure HA is a new product to complement Doctors anti aging treatments. MESO based on hyaluronic acid solution helps to regain of loss of hydration, stimulated cells activities. MESO® Pure HA enhances the appearance of dry skin and damaged skin. Contains high amount and quality of hyaluronic acid and adheres to the bio-revitalization concept.


The exclusive micro needling pen CollaPen® is a small collagen induction system. This simple and effective process uses small needles to excite your epidermis to enhance and generate collagen. The process helps reduce facial lines, acne scarring and stretch-marks while enhancing epidermis structure and as well as repairing skin effects of aging.
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Hyaluronic acid supplier germany

Rush O Lash®

The secret to allow your lashes naturally to reach their maximum potential can be found in the unique formula of Rush O Lash® eyelash enhancement serum. Our innovative formula consists of highly effective ingredients, specifically designed to condition, moisturize and fortify in order to enhance overall appearance of more stunning eye lashes.
novacutis dermal filler supplier germany

About NovaCutis



NovaCutis, Inc. was founded and headquartered in Miami, Florida, due to its strategic location. Since Miami is considered to be a multi cultural city as well as a major hub to central, latin and north America it was the perfect choice of location.

NovaCutis, Inc. has satellite offices in Miami and Frankfurt, Germany. NovaCutis, Inc. is a global company with its most focus currently in central, latin and north America, as well as Europe and middle east.



Many years of experience in the aesthetic field and medical devices, dermatology and plastic surgery makes us an ideal partner to market and distribute our products.

With more than 75 distribution countries worldwide we have built up an international network with a wide variety of cultures. And one reason therefore is our international team that ensures a successful cooperation through kindness, ambition, competence, and passion.



Building bridges between you and clients is our business model and our philosophy. Ability to work in any part of the world while effectively, communicating and building relationships in order to conduct good business for our clients.

NovaCutis, Inc. has a vast network of existing and penitential partners, including master and sub distributors. It only makes sense to partner with NovaCutis, Inc. and let us take your company and your products to the next level.