The Novacutis Team

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Arash Younessi

CEO / Founder

Understanding different cultures, connecting to people and building bridges worldwide is my passion. That is the reason why I decided to work in the field of International Sales & Marketing of Medical Devices. My experience in the field of aesthetics, plastic surgery and dermatology goes back to the early 2000. I started my career at the Asklepios Chain Germany (Internal Medicine), followed by ABX/GSK (Project Manager) Dresden in Germany and Nova Biomedical USA (Product Manager Germany and European Study Coordinator). After my study Master of Business Administration (MBA), I joined Adoderm Germany (Director Sales Marketing). Working internationally for the past 12 years, I successfully developed new markets, built up relationships and bridges between partners, distributors and doctors worldwide. These experiences benefits NovaCutis and made it a successful international company. Sincerely yours

Susanne Wehr

Office Manager

I am part of the NovaCutis team since April 2022 and look forward to helping build the future of the company. I have been working in the assistance sector for over 20 years and love organizing and helping to shape the skills in the office. I am a proactive, entrepreneurial personality who enjoys supporting the management as an assistant and at the same time optimizing office processes and managing the office management of the Frankfurt office. I am always available for questions, requests and problems from customers and colleagues.

Sushma Khadka

Quality Management

As a student in biomedical engineering, I have always been fascinated with understanding medical products and the work involved in establishing quality procedures, standards and requirements. As part of NovaCutis, I have the opportunity to manage quality assurance in various areas of the business. I monitor performance and make suggestions for changes and improvements, ensure that manufacturing or production processes comply with international and national standards, and establish quality procedures together with the team. 

Johanna Sarmiento

Office Manager

I had been working in customer services field around 8 years. Interacting with customers from diverse cultures, makes me learn how to treat and help the different type of customers. During this time, I got experience and know the important about the customer’s satisfaction for a company. Additionally, I have experience in administrative field and education in human resources; this knowledge gives me guidelines on how to manage and create a companionship environment to make your work successful. I’m enthusiastic to be part of NovaCutis team, to contribute with creativity and organizational skills to achieve the company goals and make it a prosperous enterprise.

Jan Liedtke

Director Sales Marketing

I joined NovaCutis in September 2022. As Director Marketing & Sales I am responsible for the national and especially international growth strategy. The main reason why I joined NovaCutis, besides the great team, the vision and the flat hierarchies, were the products which stand out with highest quality and unique selling points.
I am a certified pharmaceutical sales representative, holding a B.A. in Business Administration with focus on International Management and contributing over 12 years of national and international work experience in Marketing & Sales from the OTC, Cosmetics and Medical Devices industries to NovaCutis.
Being able to work in an international environment and with people from all over the world fills me with joy and makes the work at NovaCutis exciting and diversified. My personal credo is never stop learning, be curious and open for changes.
We care about your beauty.

Jan Liedtke

Larysa Lymar

Marketing Events Specialist

My superpower is to sincerely enjoy your success. This might probably originate from my early career of teaching, when you measure your personal success through your students’ accomplishments. This feature paired with my desire to learn has led me through my career as a General Manager’s assistant, then marketing specialist and events specialist at the Ukrainian affiliate of Sanofi, an international pharma corporation and at DILA Medical Labs Chain at the Product Portfolio Management Department.
I hold a Master’s degree from the Vinnytsia State Pedagogical University and certificates in marketing, events and project management, PR basics and communications, which will augment my efforts to be your true partner and enjoy your success resulting from cooperation with NOVACUTIS, a company helping to highlight your beauty.

Larysa Lymar

Reference Doctors​

Galina Savelyeva

Innovative engineering makes the Liquidimplant product line unique and exceptionally durable. The viscoelastic properties of this filler are ideal for my favourite technique of lip beautification “Russian lips”.

Dr. Sabine Zenker

"Liquidimplant fillers meet doctors needs in order to accomplish patient satisfaction. High quality, ideal viscoelasticity and injectability result in perfect lifting capacity to manage best performance."

Dr. Frank Schemeit

"Liquidimplant is a preferred choice for facial contouring and rejuvenation. Excellent injectability and superb tissue integrity lead to the possibly best natural results."

Dr. Olga Tsurcan

"Liquidimplant meets the highest standards in HA for facial rejuvenation. Easy injectability allows smooth treatment." Conclusion: Perfect Filler

Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez

"High quality, excellent volume effect with SubCutis, and natural aesthetic results. Liquidimplant is the best hyaluronic acid filler I have ever worked with!"

Dr. Mekan Orazov

"Due to quality and the formulation, Liquidimplant is a brilliant tool to deliver natural aesthetic results."

Dr. Elena Starkova

"I like to work with Liquidimplant family of products, because they are easy to inject, and at the same time long lasting HA fillers!"

Dr. Lilit Tumanyan

"Because of their high quality, durability and the minimal downtime for patients, Lquidimplant fillers are superior products that satisfy both patients and doctors."