CollaPen Kit®

The exclusive micro needling pen CollaPen is a small collagen induction system. This simple and effective process uses small needles to excite your epidermis to enhance and generate collagen. The process helps reduce facial lines, acne scarring and stretch-marks while enhancing epidermis structure and as well as repairing skin effects of aging.

This unique pen or collagen induction device CollaPen was designed and created by our highly experienced team of Physicians and Engineers of R&D. This exclusive system provides the outmost safety with a state of the art micro-needling technology for a very benign treatment experience and little recovery time for individual.

CollaPen Kit includes:
1 Micro-needling CollaPen, 1 Charger, 2 Needle Cartridges 12 pins, 1 Needle Cartridges 36 pins, 1 Manual Guide


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